Advocate: Gay Festivus Pole to Be Erected in Oklahoma

Archbishop Chaz StevensNews

Chaz Stevens Festivus Disco

Chaz Stevens has scored another win with his Festivus pole, a play on a famous Seinfeld episode that featured the made-up holiday.

The Deerfield, Fla., man recently convinced officials in Tallahassee to allow his pole on the grounds of the state capitol, which will be displayed from December 21 through 28.

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Archbishop Chaz Stevens, Mount Jab Church

About The Author

Archbishop Chaz Stevens, of Mount Jab Church, is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and well-known human rights and constitutional activist, focusing on the separation of church and state.

Stevens, a former Fortune 500 technology developer, is also CEO of ESAD Int'l, a global organization that provides emotional support animal-related services.

For nearly the last two decades, Stevens has been prominently featured on countess worldwide media outlets.

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