Chaz Stevens’ #BanTheBible Campaign to Sue Florida for Civil Rights Violation

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Schadenboner Incorporated has announced their plans to sue the Florida Department of Management Services for a civil rights free speech violations. The company's multiple capitol exhibit applications, including artwork entitled "Gay, There I Said It," featuring Gov. Ron DeSantis on the Playboy front cover, has been denied.

Schadenboner argues these refusals violate their first amendment rights under the United States Constitution. This is not the first time Schadenboner has had issues with displaying their exhibits on Florida capitol grounds. Despite a decade of displays being approved, every single 2022 application has been denied. Currently exploring all legal options, the company has noticed its intent to file suit against the Florida Department of Management Services pursuant to 42 US Code § 1983 and/or provisions of the Florida Constitution.

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"Autocrats gonna autocrat," says Chaz Stevens, Executive Director of Schadenboner Incorporated.

"Florida's moved the free speech goal posts and thanks to this I'm barfing up good money for great legal representation. The marketplace of ideas now has a tax! You literally (and legally) can't say 'Don't Say Gay' in capitol Rotunda anymore."

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Calling it a "really significant win for parents in the state of Florida," Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a measure that gives parents and guardians more freedom to challenge the types of books that are in school libraries and on school reading lists.

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"A review of the Florida Capitol Events calendar, there's not a single protest, not one counter-argument ... 17 million people, this bozo's in charge, and I'm the only one complaining? In the immortal words of Wayne Campbell, 'Sha right, Garth.'"

Archbishop Chaz Stevens, Mount Jab Church

About The Author

Archbishop Chaz Stevens, of Mount Jab Church, is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and well-known human rights and constitutional activist, focusing on the separation of church and state.

Stevens, a former Fortune 500 technology developer, is also CEO of ESAD Int'l, a global organization that provides emotional support animal-related services.

For nearly the last two decades, Stevens has been prominently featured on countess worldwide media outlets.

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