Group Seeks Permission for Controversial Bloody Hanger Display

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Group Seeks Permission for Controversial Bloody Hanger Display

“A Twisted Piece of Wire Isn’t Just a Symbol of Dangerous Abortions; It’s a Symbol of Inequality.” – Archbishop Chaz Stevens, Mount Jab Church.

BOCA RATON, FL - February 22, 2022 - The Mount Jab Church has sought permission from the government of Florida for a controversial display entitled 'No Wire Hangers.' This painting, depicted by a bloody clothes hanger above a blood stained canvas, includes a list of lawmakers who helped vote in Florida's restrictive anti-abortion law.

The application, likely facing stern disapproval, for State Use Property Reservation seeks to display “30x40 inch artwork expressing discontent with Florida's abortion legislation.” Mount Jab currently has three other pending reservations:

Over the past decade, the Church’s founder, Archbishop Chaz Stevens, has seeded the Florida capitol grounds with numerous exhibits, including the very famous Pabst Blue Ribbon and Gay Pride Festivus Poles. And this past holiday season, the Rotunda saw two six-foot tall standees of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Fox personality Tucker Carlson.

Daily Show Festivus Pole
2013 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, S#@t's Getting Weird Edition
Gay Pride Festivus PoleFauci Klaus in Tallahassee Rotunda 2021

"Look no further than Psalm 137:9."

"This whole idea of basing one's value system on the Bible sounds pretty bat shit crazy," Stevens offers.

"'Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against rocks' or something like that?" Stevens pondered. "Then there's Lot's daughters who get him drunk so they can sleep with him; when Lot finds out, he pays them back by gang rape. I mean, what the fuck?! That's one very odd Thanksgiving dinner at the Lot household."

"If you base your ethics off of a book - do yourself a favor and check out Everyone Poops! It's a real cliff-hanger."

Mount Jab Church NFT Gallery

The Church’s wide collection of NFT digital artwork is available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting various charities.

‘No Wire Hangers’ will tentatively be on display in the Florida Rotunda from April 7th to April 14th, 2022.

About Archbishop Chaz “Not from Canterbury” Stevens

Chaz Stevens is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and well-known human rights and constitutional advocate. He was also named one of the best activists in Broward County, Florida.

Chaz is ESADoggy‘s founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


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Name: Chaz Stevens, Archbishop
Phone: (800) 951-4082

Archbishop Chaz Stevens, Mount Jab Church

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Archbishop Chaz Stevens, of Mount Jab Church, is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and well-known human rights and constitutional activist, focusing on the separation of church and state.

Stevens, a former Fortune 500 technology developer, is also CEO of ESAD Int'l, a global organization that provides emotional support animal-related services.

For nearly the last two decades, Stevens has been prominently featured on countess worldwide media outlets.

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