In God We Trust Donated Signs

Delivery Tracking for Allen, TX

SchoolTracking NumberStatus
Dr Julie Deleon, Mary Evans Elementary9405511108033401270754Track on USPS
Mr Doug Wilhelm, W E Pete Ford Middle9405511108033401301205Track on USPS
Mr Matt Russell, Allen High School9405511108033401300857Track on USPS
Mrs Aimee Cherry, Frances E Norton Elementary9405511108033401210064Track on USPS
Mrs Amanda Tabor, Alvis C Story Elementary9405511108033401214673Track on USPS
Mrs Ardath Streitmatter , Gene M Reed Elementary9405511108033401219807Track on USPS
Mrs Aretha Jackson, Kerr Elementary9405511108033401216912Track on USPS
Mrs Jill Stafford, Lowery Freshman Center9405511108033401308198Track on USPS
Mrs Lara Utecht, D L Rountree Elementary9405511108033401237405Track on USPS
Mrs Lauren Cypert, Dr E T Boon Elementary9405511108033401247930Track on USPS
Mrs Leslie Norris, Ereckson Middle9405511108033401238563Track on USPS
Mrs Reena Varughese, Bolin Elementary9405511108033401217155Track on USPS
Mrs Sonya Pitcock, Walter & Lois Curtis Middle9405511108033401230451Track on USPS
Mrs Stacia Butler, Flossie Floyd Green Elementary9405511108033401212150Track on USPS
Mrs Susanne Miller, David And Lynda Olson Elementary9405511108033401277241Track on USPS
Mrs Tonya Jasenof, Max O Vaughan Elementary9405511108033401215168Track on USPS
Mrs Ulyana Payne, James And Margie Marion Elementary9405511108033401249415Track on USPS
Mrs Whitney Coppinger, George J Anderson Elementary9405511108033401218312Track on USPS
Ms Roxxy Griffin, Alton Boyd Elementary9405511108033401236583Track on USPS
Ms Stephanie Logan, Principal, Beverly Cheatham Elementary School9405511108033401305074Track on USPS

Messin' With Texas

Buy a 16x20 poster, purchase a yard sign, let us know a school has no poster, or report illegal posters. Please help us fight religious intolerance by rushing your donation in today. We're sending "In God We Trust" posters, in a variety of languages (Arabic, Vulcan, Gay Pride, etc.), to schools across Texas.