Pole Erection Request: Deerfield Beach, FL

Chaz Stevens, Chaplain To MarsNews

Feuci Claus Festivus Pole Returns to Deerfield.Beach

Another day, another request for an erection. This time, it's the City Manager of Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Mr. City Manager;
Deerfield Beach, Florida

Now that Trump’s been tossed (making him a tosser, as if that was in doubt) and everyone can breathe a bit easier (behind your GD mask, that is), how about we have ourselves a bit of a laugh?

Like going on for the last decade, I’d like permission to erect my pole.

Well, to be technically precise, it’s the 2021 Fauci Claus Take That Desantis Festivus Pole and Holiday Extravaganza sponsored by Mount Jab Church, Holy Church of the Vaccinated.

* A bit long for a bumper sticker, no doubt.

As far the pole’s erection, just a one-day display, say Dec 09 2021, up in the AM, down by sundown. The display will look something like this.

Archbishop Chaz Stevens, Mount Jab Church

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Archbishop Chaz Stevens, of Mount Jab Church, is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and well-known human rights and constitutional activist, focusing on the separation of church and state.

Stevens, a former Fortune 500 technology developer, is also CEO of ESAD Int'l, a global organization that provides emotional support animal-related services.

For nearly the last two decades, Stevens has been prominently featured on countess worldwide media outlets.

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