Slate: Why This Florida Man Is Putting Up Gay-Pride-Themed Festivus Poles in State Capitols

Chaz Stevens, Chaplain To MarsNews

Chaz’s New Festivus Pole Has A Gay Pride Theme

By Mark Joseph Stern

This holiday season, as many as eight state capitols will be graced with a rainbow-festooned Festivus pole—a 6.5-foot-tall display crowned by a glittering disco ball. The pole was designed by Chaz Stevens, head of The Humanity Fund, a scrappy advocacy group that champions separation of church and state, free speech, and constitutional equality. Stevens hopes to place his display in Republican-dominated states—Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, Michigan—as a protest against what he views as their support for laws respecting an establishment of religion.

Said Chaz Stevens, “I’ve gotten threats and lawsuits. I got shot at. Somebody said they’d cut my head off. Somebody said, I’m going to blind you with a soldering iron and torture you for two days. My dog got poisoned.”

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Archbishop Chaz Stevens, Mount Jab Church

About The Author

Archbishop Chaz Stevens, of Mount Jab Church, is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and well-known human rights and constitutional activist, focusing on the separation of church and state.

Stevens, a former Fortune 500 technology developer, is also CEO of ESAD Int'l, a global organization that provides emotional support animal-related services.

For nearly the last two decades, Stevens has been prominently featured on countess worldwide media outlets.

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