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Texas SB-797 requires public schools to display donated signs containing the phrase “In God We Trust” and “may not depict any words, images, or other information other than [that].”

The law seemingly presumes these signs are written in English.


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And here’s where our decades of activism come into play – we call it “Chaz’s Rule #143." The beauty of Rule #143 lies in its simplicity — flip bureaucracy 180 degrees and use its weight against itself! Don’t fight the man; let the man fight himself.

Using the rule, we’ve been very successful over the past 20 years, forcing local, county, and state governments to rethink their positions. From our Pabst Blue Ribbon and Gay Pride Festivus Poles, to a current Florida state-wide effort to ban the bible in all 63 school districts, to abolishing prayer before government meetings, we’re the tip of the spear.


Simply said, there's not an organization on the planet like the Church of Mars, and we will not be silent while evangelical Christians stomp our collective rights.

To voice our dissent with Texas SB-797, we're going to donate hundreds of Arabic-language "In God We Trust" posters to schools in Texas, flooding the public school system with our Arabic IGWT artwork.

Allah 'akbar and all that jazz! Just what the vast hordes of Texas Evangelicals want to read at their kid's school.

Democracy is under attack.

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